Advantages of following standard resume format

People want to see standard resume format

It’s deeply engraved inside the human brain for years that a resume should follow a standard structure with education/experience/Summary/Contact details etc.

If they don’t see that structure or see that in different format, they can get confused & usually they don’t have much time to dig deep or make extra effort to look for the required information & make an effort to contact you.

And the filtering system that a resume can go through is so huge, there are software & bots that can read & analyse the resume for relevance and ranks your resume before even a human look at the resume.

Large companies have custom inbuilt system that does the filtering & i seen that LinkedIn & Naukri can provide such services to employers.

So it makes more sense to follow a standard resume pattern that can be readable by bots and automated system.

It’s part of cost cutting to the companies (Automation is everywhere.)

I have a online resume creation website, on the average i see people from different industries from different countries right from fresher to experienced create resume on my site.

It’s insanely difficult for me to create a stunning resume template for my site, after creating such resume templates you know how many of them actually use it less than 2%.

Almost all industries except design oriented jobs needs a simple plain looking professional resume that can be printable such as the following.

Standard resume format

I see still PEOPLE prefer word format.

One of the many complaints i hear from my website users is they can’t download the template in word (.doc) format.

Sending resume in .doc format has many disadvantages

  • The recipient system needs Microsoft word to open the resume.
  • If it’s opened on different version of word, the resume appear un formatted.
  • Word instantly highlights the spell mistakes and grammar mistakes on the resume

Despite all these disadvantages people still prefer sending resume in word format, the lesson to learn from this is that old habits seldom die

And you know what, the person who is going to make the hiring decision is most certainly the senior person in the company who may find it difficult to interpret your new fantastic resume.

Once i have to explain a senior person of the company who makes most hiring decisions what a QR code is and how it is used, despite there is every nook and corner of the newspapers, bill boards, showing QR code

So it’s very important to know how the system works, the goal is to get hired, not to stand out to every one you meet in interview process.

If you know for sure that the resume is going to be read by a human or if you are from design, fashion, creative industry where there is a need to express creativity in your resume, feel free to make it appealing in the way your heart says. Others, the majority the key take away from this article are as follows

Take Away

  1. Create a resume in standard resume format, not because you are following the crowd – but only because that’s how the industry works.
  2. Make sure that your resume is readable completely by bots. 
    How ? 
    Create a free account at Microsoft careers & upload your resume to see how much of the information got accurately consumed by the automated system.
  3. Perfect your LinkedIn profile, keep information open to recruiters with a professional picture.

Once you have completed your LinkedIn profile you could use the same to generate a simple standard resume in seconds with responsivecv

Every resume created using is completely readable by bots, have a QR code & mobile version.

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